Latest (non) completed project

Did this back in the spring. Keep meaning to finish.


Loooong overdue Capstone update

Capstone has been an all consuming monster this fall. If I’m not sleeping, I’m at my desk toiling away in Maya, Nuke…whatever gets the job done. I’ve been rendering at note as Maya takes 6 hrs on average. When I wake up it’s as if the CGI elves have worked their magic. Then Nuke gets fired up and away I go again on the scene. It feels as though I’ve been doing the same thing to each scene 5 times. Well actually now that I think about it….I’ve had to process each scene 4 times. AE to get a tif sequence. Boujou to Match Move / Track. Maya to add the robot and lite. Nuke to comp. So it’s very repetitive..somewhat. Anyway here is a screen shot from one of the scenes. It’s not the final pass but close. Now if I can just get the film grain to match.

Remi the Robot running around the back yard

Remi the Robot running around the back yard

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